Emily is a 19 year old girl who was once a "friend" to harry styles.What happened? oh i know!he left because he became famous and he had to go.Sadly this 19 year old teenager stayed everyday counting the nights and weeks to see if he would ever come back for her..............but he didn't.Now that she's going to a 2 month arts school for singing,do they get invited?YES!now what will she do when she see's him again?As well as for him??will she be a stranger or is she unmissable?......find out here!


1. WHY?

Emily's P.O.V


I sit on the grass while the rain pours perfectly on my light delicate skin.I can feel the texture of the drop.I raise my head revealing a mistreated teen/young girl crying for a friend.WHY?because i feel left out and feel as if i don't belong in this world.I wipe the dark tears and get up.I let out a big sigh before entering the house.

A step i take into this foolish,mean,retarded house that treats me like a wild animal.Everyone here hates me for a reason and i wanna know why.I look up the stairs trying to make my mind weather to go up or stay down here.

Just then Rebecca opens her door.She looks down at me with hate and terror."why the hell are you dripping?"she asks screaming.I blink slightly and my eyes drop."i was outside"i say terrified.She makes her way to my face and pushes me."go get cleaned frog!no body wants your odor or you leaving all this wet!!"she screams again.I push my lips together to keep the words inside me and just do what she says.


At supper time all the girls go out to eat together and leave me here alone.I just sit on my bed either writing a novel or tweeting.I can't go out because i don't have a car,i don't have money,no friends,and no key.So im stuck in this boring house.

I get some leftover domino's pizza and ugh fail!i burned it.So i just eat some toasted breakable pizza.I hear the door open and quickly turn back."hey stupid i forgot my keys so lock the door when i leave" i see Jenny say as she breaths heavingly.I roll my eyes and continue eating the pizza.

When they finally all leave i drop down on the floor and lay my heads on my palms."why do they treat me like that?"i ask myself silently........................WHY?.......



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