The Valentines Day card

Isabella wasn't the most popular girl in school. Also not the best looking girl. Its getting closer to Valentines Day. That day she never gets a card from a single person. Her best friend Mia is too busy receiving cards, roses, and recognition to be there for Isabella. But on Valentines Day Isabella opens her locker to see a Beautiful Card. But she thinks its a joke. Who could have given her such a meaningful card? She didn't have another friend except for Mia. Did this Mean she had a Secret Admirer?
(For the 1SHOT41D contest)


1. The Card

Isabella walked in the hallways at school. Everyday the kids would look at her like she wasn't a human being. She was pretty much used to it. She had to take this torture everyday. While she walked past everyone they would throw paper balls, stick out their tongue's, or call her names. She walked to her locker where Mia waited, Hey Buddy! Mia said with a smile. 

You okay? She asked me while pulling out all the Valentines Day cards from her bag. I looked at them in her hand, Mia you know that I don't like Valentines Day i explained to her. You come up to me rubbing yours in my face? What a friend i said slamming my locker. I began walking away until Mia began running after me. Isabella! She said as she grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. What?! I said and took a big breath. You think i like getting Valentines? It gets annoying when all these boys follow me around school! The only way i get Mia time is when i ask to Pee! She said chuckling. I laughed. How could i Be mad at Mia?! She's my best friend. Well my only friend. I simply just laughed back at her and we walked to class. We took our seats and took out our pencils. The teacher walked in a second later "Pop Quiz!" she said smiling. Everybody groaned as usual.

Mia raised her hand. "Do we get to use our notes?" She asked. I swear when Mia talks to grown ups she talks so innocent. Its not like the Mia I grew up to know. But once you get used to it all you do is laugh and that's exactly what i did.

I chuckled. Mia grinned and took out her notes. I glanced at them. We have Biology?! I whispered. I left my notes in my locker! I have all my notes in there! If i don't get them ill get a F! I cant afford an F! I quickly got a hall pass and rushed to my locker. The hallway was empty. Then i noticed a Curly haired boy quickly rushed off and looked back nervously. I blushed, he was the boy i have been crushing on for like ever. But there was no chance trying to chase after him. I glanced back at him and saw him blushing as he disappeared into the hall. 

I opened my locker. It was all decorated with pink flowers and  candies everywhere. I examined my locker and all i could do was blush. My heart was pounding. Did i have a secret Admirer or was this a sick joke? I've gotta find out. Wait! Was it my crush. No it couldn't have, he is the most popular boy in school. No way he'd like me. I sighed in disappointment. I then realized a tiny note sprinkled with pink, red, and white glitter. It read: I'm in your science class. From your secret admirer! <3 Your so beautiful. It made me blush. I picked up my notes and closed my locker. This might not be a bad Valentines day after all!


I quickly rushed back to my class and by the time i got there It was over. I knew i was probably gonna fail but i'll just ask for a makeup test. I scurried over to Mia and Showed her the note. She gasped and grinned at me. What? I asked with red cheeks. This is Harry's hand writing! He's in our science class! She replied. You have a secret Admirer!! 

I wouldn't believe it! How do you know?! I questioned her. We did a project together! That is definitely his hand writing!

There he is! She pushed me towards him. H-hi I said looking at the ground. Oh hey. Your Isabella? Right he asked me. His voice was shaking. I could tell he was nervous. He handed me a note and walked off. I quickly read it: Will you be my Valentine? Your very pretty, When i first saw you i thought i was in love. I don't know if you know my name but i'm Harry. Will you? I jumped up and down. YES!! I yelled. Everyone in the hallway was staring at me but i didn't care! For the first time in my life i had a Valentine. 

I could still see harry walking down the hall so i ran up to him and turned him around. He smiled his cheeky smiled and blushed. I couldn't believe I was doing this but i leaned in and kissed him. To my Surprise he kissed back. Even though people were saying Eww and Gross and Why does harry like her? I didn't care I finally had someone to talk to . Some one that would always be there for me and someone that loved me. Harry looked into my eyes and said "I think im in love with you". I repeated and said "I love you". He pressed his soft lips against mine again. I could tell this was going to be a great Valentines Day!! 


<3 Happy Valentines day to all those out there!! <3 I hope your day is filled with love!!<3






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