If I'm Louder Would You See Me?

I'm just a 16-year-old, Canadian girl who loves to sing. How do I get noticed?.... no clue. I started with Facebook and Twitter, but nothing seemed to work. Then I tried YouTube.. Little did I know, one silly video of me singing 'What Makes You Beautiful" Get's me in contact with some pretty special lads .. (:
When Sammy and her friend is invited to go spend the month of July in London, she isn't very thrilled. She always thought One Direction was just a group of immature boys. But when sparks fly between Sam and a member of the band, her opinion might just be.. completely flipped. Or will it?

"Sam, about last night..."
"Don't even worry about it, you don't need to tell me. I love you. I trust you."

I'm looking at this boy knowing that he's the one. The way he holds me. The way he understands when nobody else does. I love him more than words can describe. He is my one and only; nothing could change that.

Suddenly he looks up, to my suprise I'm met by two drowning green eyes



6. The Memories

Harry’s POV


What the fuck? She rolled her eyes at me. She was supposed to be swooning at the knees. She’s definitely not like other girls. She’s sassy in a cool way. It shows she’s independent and takes no shit from nobody. I like that. It turns me on. She’s going to be mine by the end of this month. I can guarantee it.


Sammy’s POV


What the hell was that? What was he trying to pull? Well guess what Styles, I’m not easy to get. So... think again. Cause right now I’m not interested. I still feel distant ever since what happened with my ex. It really messed me up. I feel so alone, and the last thing I need is some over egger, hormone boy bugging me.

* * *

We got to the apartment where all the boys live. It was in a huge white building covered in windows, gorgeous. Once we got to the apartment Harry showed me to my room which was at the end of a long wide hallway. The walls were covered in photographs and painting. The entire apartment was decorated with different shades of brown and white. And modern furniture covered the hardwood floors. This is stunning. We reached the door and he opened it dropping my bags by the large dresser that was in the corner of the room.

“See, this is your room, where we will be spending many intimate nights together!” He said with a smirk. I punched him on the arm like a real tomboy.

“Don’t start with me.” I warned him.

“Ow. You got strength. Excuse while I go cry in the corner.” He said like he had the wind knocked out of him. He left the room holding his arm as if it was in a sling. I chuckled and started to unpack.

I walked around the house until I saw Zayn sitting on the balcony.

“Hey man, what sup? What are you doing?” I said. He looked up and pulled a chair for me to sit.

“Hey Sam. I’m just drawing.” I loved when he said my name. Ahh.. I took the seat and peeked at his sketch pad. It was an ocean with a sun setting over top; it was really good.

“Zayn, that is amazing. It looks so real.” I smiled at him in awe.

“Thanks, it looks real because it is a real place. It’s a place I used to go when I was a kid. My mom would get out the old minivan and we’d all pile in and head to the beach. It was a dream when we were there, everyone was so... happy.” Zayn hesitated. He was so passionate it shined through him.

“That’s a beautiful memory.” I smiled as the words left my lips.

“You have a really pretty smile Sam.” He said taking me completely by surprise. I immediately felt my cheeks burning up and knew I was blushing.

“ Sure,” I said sarcastically to break the tension, “I’m hungry. See you later?”


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