If I'm Louder Would You See Me?

I'm just a 16-year-old, Canadian girl who loves to sing. How do I get noticed?.... no clue. I started with Facebook and Twitter, but nothing seemed to work. Then I tried YouTube.. Little did I know, one silly video of me singing 'What Makes You Beautiful" Get's me in contact with some pretty special lads .. (:
When Sammy and her friend is invited to go spend the month of July in London, she isn't very thrilled. She always thought One Direction was just a group of immature boys. But when sparks fly between Sam and a member of the band, her opinion might just be.. completely flipped. Or will it?

"Sam, about last night..."
"Don't even worry about it, you don't need to tell me. I love you. I trust you."

I'm looking at this boy knowing that he's the one. The way he holds me. The way he understands when nobody else does. I love him more than words can describe. He is my one and only; nothing could change that.

Suddenly he looks up, to my suprise I'm met by two drowning green eyes



4. The Invitation

Harrys POV


“Well boys, shall I make the call?” I said confidently.

“DO IT! DO IT!” Louis and Niall stated chanting in the background.

“Here I go,” I said, while I hear Louis whispering to Liam that he hopes Sammy’s hot. I chuckled and started dialling the number.

“Hello?” said a young, familiar voice.

“Yes, Hello may I speak to Sammy James please?” I said very... very politely.

“Speaking,” she said sternly.

“Oh, hello!” I said cheeky.

“You said that already.” She said sounding annoyed.

“Well... I’m Harry Styles from One Direction.”

“What do you want and why are you trying to find me?” she said in an angry voice. What the hell was that? She’s kinda acting like a bitch.

“We’ve been trying to get in contact with you because we saw a video of you singing ‘What Make’s You Beautiful’ and it was so good! We wanted to invite you to stay with us for a month while we’re on holidays.” I said.

“No thanks... I’m good,” What the fuck is going on...?


Sammys POV


“No Thanks... I’m good,” I said rather sarcastically.

“Sammy, WHAT THE FUCK?” I hear Lea scream. She suddenly jumped and grabbed the phone.

“Hello Harry?” she said.

“Ahhh... yeah” she continued. I wish I could hear what he was saying.

“Don’t worry... I’ll get her there, even if I have to strap her to the top of the plane!” She giggled. She’s dead, was all I could think at that moment.

“Oh really! Awesome, yup see ya there!” she hung up with a huge smirk. I shot her a disgusted look.

“Guess who’s going to London tomorrow? ........ ME....YOU!!” she said pointing while she talked, like a real Frenchman. 

This is going to be the worst, longest vacation of my life. Fuck me.


Harrys POV


“Guess who’s taking a flight to London tomorrow?” I yelled to the boys. They all whooped and cheered!

I wonder why she didn’t want to come, like come on... we are the biggest boy band in the world! Whatever, she was probably just shocked! She was like... really hot. Like gorgeous. Maybe this is exactly what I needed; a summer fling.

“And Louis, she is hot! She’s also bringing a friend.” I said.

“I call dibs on the friend!” he yelled to the entire band.

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