If I'm Louder Would You See Me?

I'm just a 16-year-old, Canadian girl who loves to sing. How do I get noticed?.... no clue. I started with Facebook and Twitter, but nothing seemed to work. Then I tried YouTube.. Little did I know, one silly video of me singing 'What Makes You Beautiful" Get's me in contact with some pretty special lads .. (:
When Sammy and her friend is invited to go spend the month of July in London, she isn't very thrilled. She always thought One Direction was just a group of immature boys. But when sparks fly between Sam and a member of the band, her opinion might just be.. completely flipped. Or will it?

"Sam, about last night..."
"Don't even worry about it, you don't need to tell me. I love you. I trust you."

I'm looking at this boy knowing that he's the one. The way he holds me. The way he understands when nobody else does. I love him more than words can describe. He is my one and only; nothing could change that.

Suddenly he looks up, to my suprise I'm met by two drowning green eyes



3. The Idea

Sammy’s POV


“Sam, you have to see this!!” Lea said with a growing smile on her face.

“What?” I said as she rushed into my room.

“Check this out.” She said passing me her laptop that was logged into YouTube and on our video of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

“What? I don’t get why your showing me this!” I said confused.

“Look at the views, stupid!”

“Holy Shit... does that say a million views?” I said freaking out.

“Umm... YES!” she screamed. Oh my gosh... people like my stuff. I just wish it wasn’t that song. I’m not a big One Direction fan; they just seem so immature and well... boy sluts. That is the perfect description, ‘Boy Sluts’. I always wanted to know what the boy word for slut was, till then... This will have to do! Anyways, I didn’t want to sing that song but Lea loves them so I sang it for her. But I guess more people liked it than I thought.

I was still stunned by the views on my video. I started reading comments from people, and they were almost all really nice and kind. Maybe I am a good singer. I had a huge smile on my face and so did Lea.

Louis POV


“Fuck, I have a hangover!” I said to Liam and Niall. They both look at me and start laughing. “What? Why the fuck are you laughing?” Niall pointed at my boxers. Holy shit, I had a pair of ladies underwear on top, over my boxers. I quickly pulled them off. “Fuck you.” I said and walked away hearing their laughter as I leave.

“Hey Louis come here!” Harry said.

“What do you want?” I said flinging the underwear at his face. He quickly blocked it and threw them at Zayn.

“I was just telling Zayn about an idea I had!” Harry said enthusiastically.

“What’s the idea, mate?” He took a deep breath and started to talk.

Harry’s POV


“Well, do you remember yesterday when I was talking about how , I wish everyone could have this life? Even though it was cheesy, I still meant it. Anyways last night I came home and couldn’t sleep so I went on YouTube, and I came across this girl singing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and she was so good! So I had the idea.. why don’t we bring the girl here, to London, to give her a taste of the famous life. Live a life like us. Not only would it be so fun, but it would be great publicity.” I said very persuasively if I may add. I changed to a reporter’s voice and said, “The One Direction lads decide to give back by helping a young girl reach for the stars.” I say as I motion to the sky.

“Great idea mate!” said Zayn.

“I completely agree!” screamed Louis, piercing my ears.

“Okay well, lets talk to the other boys and see what they think!” I said quickly.

We talked to all the boys and they were all up to it and so was our agency. But now the hard part... how do I find this girl?

Where are you Sammy James......?

Sammy’s POV

---the next day---


“Fuck I need a nap.” I say to myself. I was really tired b/c I spent so much of last night reading those comments. I lay down on my bed and my phone rings. I answered it,


“Um, yes, hi dear... It’s your Aunt, Charlotte!” said an old lady. I haven’t seen my Aunt Charlotte in years. Probably about, 7 years now. Shit, that’s a long time. We always got along, she just lives in Australia so I never get a chance to visit.

“Oh my gosh! Hey Auntie!!! How’s it going?? We haven’t talked in forever!” I Squeaked.

“Darling, I don’t have time to chat. The reason I called is because I had a boy call my house looking for you. They said they wanted to meet you, because of some video... some YouTube video?”

“Umm... Okay. Why did they call you?” I said confused.

“They didn’t know how to contact you so they looked up James on the internet. And with all my work in the art gallery, I was the first name to pop up.” My Aunt was an amazing artist.

“So that’s why they called me. I just wanted to let you know that I gave them your number. Bye!”

“WAIT! Who was the boy who called?”I quickly added.

“He said he was from this band, named One Direction. He had a very strong British accent. Love you sweetie! Bye.” She hung up.

What just happened? One Direction was looking for me? Wait... What? I’m so confused right now. What do they want with me? Are they mad that I sang there song? Oh fuck me.

I called Lea and told her what just happened, and she came straight over.

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