If I'm Louder Would You See Me?

I'm just a 16-year-old, Canadian girl who loves to sing. How do I get noticed?.... no clue. I started with Facebook and Twitter, but nothing seemed to work. Then I tried YouTube.. Little did I know, one silly video of me singing 'What Makes You Beautiful" Get's me in contact with some pretty special lads .. (:
When Sammy and her friend is invited to go spend the month of July in London, she isn't very thrilled. She always thought One Direction was just a group of immature boys. But when sparks fly between Sam and a member of the band, her opinion might just be.. completely flipped. Or will it?

"Sam, about last night..."
"Don't even worry about it, you don't need to tell me. I love you. I trust you."

I'm looking at this boy knowing that he's the one. The way he holds me. The way he understands when nobody else does. I love him more than words can describe. He is my one and only; nothing could change that.

Suddenly he looks up, to my suprise I'm met by two drowning green eyes



1. The Begining

Sammys POV


“Leave me alone Luke!! I said it’s over!” I screamed.

“Come on baby you’re the only girl I want!” said Luke with a forced smile.

“You slept with another girl, you broke my heart!” tears started to flow, NO! STOP IT SAM! Focus.

“It didn’t mean anything.” He said. I hated him.

“So it’s just coincidence that the day after you wanted me to have sex with you, but i said i wasn’t ready, you cheat on me with that slut?” I yelled at the top of my lungs. That shut him up.

“You know what? FUCK IT. I’m done, we’re done!” I said and stomped off and then turned back and said “Don’t you ever talk to me again, you’re dead to me.” I ran to my car and drove off.

I couldn’t hold it the tears any longer, and let my sobs be heard. What a fucking jerk. When I got home, I quickly ran to my room trying to avoid an annoying conversation with my mother. I grabbed my guitar and started playing the first song that came to mind. “Its Not Right, But It Okay,” by the legendary Whitney Houston.

Friday night you and your boys went out to eat,

 Then they hung out, but you came home around three

Now if six of ya'll went out, then four of you were really cheap

'Cause only two of you had dinner, I found your credit card receipt


It's not right but its okay,

I'm gonna make it anyway

Pack your bags up and leave,

and don't you dare come

Running back to me


I sang every word crying my eyes out. I don’t get it I’m usually so strong. I put away my guitar and lay face first onto my bed, I buried my face in my pillow and let let the tears stream down. I was done thinking about this jerk. He never loved me, he not worth my tears.

I hear a knock at the door and I asked who it was.

“Its Lea, can I come in?” she said concerned.

“Ya,” I managed to get out sounding fairly normal. Lea is and will always be my best friend. She always was there for me no matter what. I love her as if she was my sister. She has brown wavy hair and stunning grey eyes, she’s always been prettier than me.. I was sometimes jealous of her perfect figure and charm, but at the end of the day I can live without her. She comes in already knowing what happened, she guessed in an instant. She pulled me into a tight, warm hug.

“I know what will make you feel better”


“Let’s make some YouTube VIDEOS!!”

Lea and I made a great team because I love to sing and she love to make videos. I’ve wanted to make it big, but I never thought I was good enough, everyone tells me otherwise but my confidence isn’t high enough to believe any of them. We live in a small town named “Notre Dame de Lourdes”, we’re a French community.. hence the French name ;) Anyways, Notre Dame is in Manitoba, Canada. So, opportunities are very slim to none. All I did was participate in local talent competitions and sing at the old folk’s home. I have to travel an hour once a week for singing lessons and take guitar lessons from Lea’s mom. So to say the least, I have basically no experience.


Harrys POV


“Guys, I’m going to get some food. Anyone wanna come?” Naill said raising one eye brow.

“Niall, Its 2:00pm,” Said Liam laughing.

“Exactly.. I haven’t ate in an hour! I NEED NADOS!” Said Naill, grabbing the sides of Liams shoulders giving his entire body a good shake. “Fine, I’ll go alone,” he said pouting out the door.

I sat on the couch with Louis, while Zayn and Liam started playing Call of Duty on the X-box. I turn to Louis, “Can you believe all of this happened in two short years?” I said smiling looking down at my hands.

“I wake up every day in disbelief! One second we had a normal life, living off the couch, but now we have record deals, our own songs, and hot girls everywhere we look!” He said accompanied by a wink.

“Ah yeah.. Hot girls,” I replied with a huge grin.

“So Harold, I haven’t seen many girls sneaking out of your room early in the morning, lately..” He said with a sly look on his face. I gave him a dirty look. The truth is that I used to sleep around a lot, but then realised that, I was just wanted something that would have no feelings attached. But now.. I want a relationship.

“You guys are terrible; treat girls with a little more respect.” Said Liam... Or shall I say Dad.


“Anyways, back to being all privileged. I still feel like this a dream.. And that I could wake up any second.” I said. “I wish other people could have this life.” I said realising how sappy I must have sounded.

“Aww.. HARRY!” Louis jumps on me  like an idiot. I threw him off and walked to the door.

“Whatever, I’m going to the bar” I said grabbing my coat.

“I WANNA COME!” said Louis. We left leaving Liam and Zayn to their vicious battle.

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