Only A Memory **ON HOLD**

I remember those days back when I was only 17 and deeply in love with the boy who everyone around me loved so dearly. I was in a fantasy, a trance. I was stuck in the moment with him, until my moment had an end. Our love had to end.

And now here I am, reminiscing. Watching as his bride walks down the aisle. Singing a tune from back during that summer. "The One That Got Away".


2. No Choices

--6 Years Ago--


"Mom, I told you I didn't want to move! I'm going to be a senior this year, and I can't just change schools! I'd have to make people know who I am and for all I know those teachers might hate me! Please, mom, you can't say your SO heartless enough to do this to me!"


"Annabelle Parker, you get your ass back in here! You have absolutely NO say in where we are moving! This is important to me - us. It's a way to finally leave this terrible town! Now, go upstairs and pack, we're going to visit your Aunt in-" Before she could finish her sentence, I slammed my bedroom door. 


She couldn't make me move, not now. I had finally had something good going for me. My English teacher was suggesting some extra work, and if I did it all correctly I could get a scholarship to FUA, Florida University of the Arts. Writing was the one thing I wanted to do in college, it was what I wanted to major in. I wanted to major in English so that I could become a writer or a journalist. I just wanted to do that, and this scholarship was my ticket to get there. Now this moving fiasco was going to push that scholarship away, and I'll never be able to do any of the things I've wanted to do.




"Aunt Katie!" I smiled as my 'favorite' aunt wrapped her arms around me in a hug. 


"Anna, how are you darling?" I looked at my mom who was taking our suitcases out of the car. My smile faded as I remembered the argument we had only the day before.


"I'll tell you later, maybe. Or you know, just ask my mom. She knows enough about why I'm not exactly happy." I made sure to speak up as my mother passed by. 


My aunt nodded at me and we both walked into the house after my mother. This summer was supposed to be me doing all the work my school wanted me to do to earn the scholarship, but here I was supposedly "having fun".


"Anna, help me make dinner." I looked at my aunt and nodded slowly.


We walked into the kitchen and I shut the door behind us. "Spill, what's up with you and your mom?"


I shifted from one foot to the other and frowned, "She's making me move to Chicago, I don't want to move to Chicago! My teacher was going to offer me a scholarship if I did some extra work this summer, but if I change schools it won't happen. I'll never be able to go to FUA, and I'll never get to fulfill my dreams, Aunt Katie! Do you understand how frustrating all that is? She's expecting me to move to a completely different timezone and throw away all my hard work! I can't do that!"


Aunt Katie stared at me for a second, "Does your mom know about the scholarship?"


I nodded, "I doubt she cares, she wants me to work for her in Mortgage," and it was true. She's always told me how much she wants me to work for her after I graduate, but I don't want to work for her. I don't want to move to Chicago and do all that she wants me to do as if I was a lost puppy who needed an owner to stalk around. I wasn't going to do something I don't want to do, and she can't make me.


We just stood in silence for a moment before she brought up dinner, "Why don't you go take a walk, you can go eat at that diner a couple blocks down. I'll give you some money to eat. I'll tell your mom that you wanted some fresh air, alright?"


I nodded as she handed me a twenty dollar bill and shooed my out of her kitchen. This is what I loved about Katie, she knew exactly what to do to make me a happier person. She knew when to give me my space and when to confront me about things. One of the many traits I wished my mother had. But, sadly it seems like my mother doesn't have a single understanding bone in her body.




**Present Time**


"Anna, I'd like you to write about the couple of the year. Amber and Harry, Hamber to be exact. You seem to be good at writing these kind of stories, and so I'm giving you this article to write." I stared at my boss in disbelief. He was making me write about my ex-boyfriend and his fiance?!


"Uh, I can't do that... sir." Mr. Peterson looked at me and frowned, "And why not, Anna?"


"I'm not comfortable writing about them. It's their life, not mine." His frown deepened as I said this, "Anna, I think you misunderstood me. I'm not giving you a choice. You will write about them, or you will be replaced."


I looked at him anxiously before nodding, "Of course. I'll get right on it then."


"Good choice."

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