Only A Memory **ON HOLD**

I remember those days back when I was only 17 and deeply in love with the boy who everyone around me loved so dearly. I was in a fantasy, a trance. I was stuck in the moment with him, until my moment had an end. Our love had to end.

And now here I am, reminiscing. Watching as his bride walks down the aisle. Singing a tune from back during that summer. "The One That Got Away".


1. Invitations

"Well, it's another hot day here in California, nothing very surprising. We will be expecting some heat in the low 100's so try keeping small children and elderly people in the house, or anywhere near the Air Conditioning. Anyways, enough of this weather, how about that wedding that is supposedly supposed to happen in a week! How about that! Harry Styles and Amber Dudrickson. One heck of a last name for that girl isn't it?" The man said.


I sighed at the sound of the boy's name. Harry Styles. He had just turned 24 and somehow he had already found himself proposing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He can't be getting married though. He was never the type to get married so early, he was never this serious about a girl only after 2 years of dating her. At least, that's what I thought. But, I guess I'm talking about the old Harry. Not this Harry, the Harry I knew would never marry a girl at such a young age.


"She really is a sweetheart isn't she?" My boyfriend said while walking into my room. 


"Who is a sweetheart?" I asked, not making eye contact with him.


"Amber, she's a really nice girl isn't she?" I shrugged, "I wouldn't know. I've never met the skinny, beautiful, funny, and absolutely lovely girl." I answered, venom dripping off each word.


"Woah what crawled in your skirt this morning?" I glared at him, then looked back at the screen.


"This marriage did. It's everywhere! It's so god damn annoying!" I felt his hands rest on my shoulders and soon he was sitting behind me. 


"Calm down. You seriously get worked up over such weird things. Why do you care so much?" I shook my head and stood up, "It doesn't matter."


I walked out the front door and clicked the button for the elevator. As I waited I looked at my phone to see if I got any messages. Of course, I did have one.


Ashleigh: Hey, you're late!! Boss is angry, you're lucky I'm here. You'd be fired if I wasn't.


Remind me to thank her later...




I drove up to the my work place. Also known as "Glamor Us" Magazine. Top ranks; more than 7 million sold everyday. I parked the car and walked towards the building. 


When I got to my floor, the receptionist motioned me towards her desk. "Hey, this is for you."


I looked at the small packet like thing in her hand and took it, mumbling a 'thanks' while walking to my office. I closed the door behind me and sat at my desk, putting the packet on my desk, I wondered what it was. After a good few minutes of looking at it. I finally gave into the desire, and opened it.


The first thing I saw was a small note, which I'm guessing I should read first.


I hesitantly took it and stared the first three words. 


Dear Little Annie


No one calls me that. No one. The nickname was strictly reserved for him. I gulped, and looked at the familiar handwriting.


I'm not quite sure if you remember me, so, I'm just going to introduce myself very quickly. My name is Harry Styles, you and I met back in the summer of 2012. Do you remember me now? Well, if you don't remember we were quite close, you and I. We were basically what you call a summer romance couple. Now, I'm getting married next week and I was wonderin' if you would like to come. It would be very nice to see you again after 6 years. After all, we dated didn't we? I would like to be friends again if that is okay with you. I packed an invitation in case you wanted to come. I would really appreciate it Little Annie. 




Harry Bo Bear


I chuckled at the use of my nickname for him. I used to love gummy bears, and he just so happened to have a name close to one, so I nicknamed him my Harry Bo Bear. 


That's when it hit me. He had invited me to his wedding.


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