Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


8. Years later

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year! Its been a few years now and I'm finally 12. Over the years I have been making super explosive bombs. Too much to count. Most of the shelves in my cabin are filled. I've robbed more places recently. That gives me a total of $907,638. That is a lot of money to spend. Before that I had much more. I spent it on upgrades to my cabin and other necessary things needed for my survival. It is sad but my wolves have died. I buried them beneath my cabin which is now an awesome concrete bunker! Yes, a concrete bunker where evil geniuses live. Oh and I forgot to tell you about this job I got. I get to work at a video game store for $10/hr. I ususally work for like 18 hours a day. Basically all you have to do is stand behind the counter and tend to the customers. (This is a legal way to get money.)

I'm also being homeschooled by myself. Going to be an engineer some day. My life isn't just about killing people, you know. I have a lot more things to do than that. Now that I'm 12 I can understand more about life through experience and knowledge.

Today I'm going to test my explosives. I wonder if they will work out. Only one way to find out. This is the moment I've been waiting for. I set the explosive right next to the thing where you get gasoline from. I don't know what it's called but it's going to be blown to pieces along with the whole gas station. I have two types of explosives- the ones where you push a button and the ones that have a time limit. I used the one with the button for the gas station.

I stand back a great distance. I push the button and then KLABAAM. There's debris everywhere. This is better than I expected. Some cars and people have also been killed. The firefighters come to extinguish the blazing fire that's tearing up the remaining parts of the gas station. Not much left if you count the pile of metal. People are stopping by and staring. Some are even crying for the ones who died. I turn around and laugh the rest of the way to my bunker. What a way to celebrate new year. Well I learned one thing for sure, my explosives work. You can say I was born with feelings but I grew up without them. I know what it doesn't feel like since I don't have any feelings except hatred if you count that. I stand by this community, society how clever I am. When will they find me? Just not too soon. I'm not done with my duties. I have to find them even if it's the last thing I do. Mark my words family, you will regret your mistake.

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