Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


11. Winter

Dear Diary,

It is Winter again. Luckily I'm not freezing to death unlike some people I've heard in the news. I turn on the tv to the news channel. It's 15 degrees outside! Just some boring news until a massive search is out for the Oklahoma serial killer. Like they're ever gonna find me. My bunker is huge and is underground. I set up traps all around the forest for trespassers. Surprisingly I have internet connection so that's why I have a computer. I get all the latest news from the middle of the forest. By the way it's also snowing outside harshly. I put on my coat and go to the Video Game store.

Like any other day I work some overtime, get paid and go home but today after I get paid I didn't go home. I stuff the money in my leather wallet and walk all the way to the mask shop. I need new get up. I purchase a few masks and suits and that's when I see new equipment on sale. Metal handcuffs, night vision goggles and gas masks. I buy all of them.

It's just about night time when I leave the store. I break into a house. I find a bedroom and see a kid sleeping. I put one handcuff on his wrist and the other on the bed pole. Try to get out of that! I see a piggy bank in the corner of my eye. I grab that and leave. When I get home I break the piggy bank with my hammer. The kid must have been saving since he was very little. Counting all the money, there is $294.83. Since it was ALL pennies it took me such a long time that I skipped sleeping.

Since you don't know much about me I may as well describe myself. So yeah I'm 14 now. I have black hair and blue eyes. I have the perfect height for my age. Oh and one other thing, I never even mentioned my name at all! How could I forget that? My name is... Let's just say that's not very important right now. Maybe some other time.

It's morning now and I sip my coffee as I watch the news. Seems like a team of firefighters opened the handcuffs on the kid after several hours. So that means the handcuffs are pretty much durable. They think it's the work of the famous serial killer. Wouldn't you know it? I don't want to be too suspicious so I bought some spray paint and sprayed the handcuffs in all different colors. I also scratched them a bit to make them look more menacing.

I have 32 guns in my collection so far. Most of the guns I found lying around in the forest. The others were just lying around in peoples pockets. Like those guards I killed a while back. They had 4 guns each. Every now and then I take the guns for a little shooting. One time I accidently killed a little girl in an attempt to shoot a tree. Accidents do happen even when you least expect them to. you learn from them. I learned that my gun could kill people in one shot. Pretty handy in fact.

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