Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


7. Walk

Dear Diary,

Today I am taking my walk through town. I brush my teeth and fix my hair. I say bye to my wolves as they go hunting. They had a busy week killing worthless animals. Every time they kill something they leave a piece for me. They're so nice once you get to know them.

The closest way to town is passing by the gas station...I guess I will pick up a newspaper. I carry my sack and a little sum of money. I might see something I want to buy. I might buy candy even if I don't want to. You can predict why using your smartness diary. Oh wait you don't have any, you're just a paper based product. I can laugh at your face anytime. Oh wait you don't EVEN have a face. Whats that, now you're gonna cry? Fine, I'll draw you a face but not on the cover on the back of the cover. Happy now? Gosh, people are so demanding these days.

I walk up to the gas station and take a newspaper. I stuff that into my sack. I walk a block past the gas station when I notice that there's a toy store. You might be wondering that I would really want toys but it's not for the toys. It's for the radio on display. That's when I noticed I was walking right into the store. I bought the radio which was really cheap. It's not a toy radio it's the ones that adults or older people use. Now I can get the latest news instead of just getting newspapers.

The summer breeze is mild as I walk a few more blocks. People are walking their dogs and others are occupied having fun.  A guy giving out free samples calls me over. He hands me a bag full of cookies. I liked it when more than just a few people were like that. I smiled at the man and took the bag. I kept walking down the street. At least these people are safe from the crimes for a while.

It's nighttime as I start heading home. Or that's at least what I call it. I pass by a few neighborhoods. I don't see much cars in the driveway. People must be out for a while. This gives me possibilities you wouldn't understand. I break into a few houses take money and other things. That's when I notice there is a book on explosives. I grab it. This might come in handy when I'm devising new plans. I take their life savings and leave. This is actually harder than it sounds. You probably never even commited a crime. I'm talking about serious crimes such as murder. All you horrible people out there think cutting school is a crime and are proud of it. Cutting school is just LAME. Education is key to success. Better remember that people. I know one day this diary will be found, but until then I'm going to write my opinions on what I think.

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