Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


2. They left me behind

Dear Diary,

They left me. They left me in the forest at the age of 7. I was all alone. I had to start a new life.

It all started when we went camping. My mom, dad and big brother. We went into the forest with our camping supplies. As we were setting up the campfire we heard noises behind us. A bear had come out of the bushes. My dad, mom and brother ran quickly leaving me behind. I was unable to move because I was so scared. Within the blink of an eye the bear was chasing me. Taking the nearest branch I stabbed the bear right in its heart. That was the first living thing I killed. Since that day my life has changed forever.

I was able to survive for a while with all the supplies. Finding some paper and a pen I began writing my experiences and skills I obtained. Living in the forest was just the beginning.

Using the knowledge I learned watching situations where you had to survive in dangerous conditions, I built myself a wood cabin. It wasn't the strongest but it would do for now since I don't have any choice.

Shelter was the least of my worries. There were wild animals just outside. Hunting them was easy but sometimes I felt that this was wrong. I was just 7 when I started killing animals. Many of those lessons in English during school was about how to respect each other and be kind. Not just to people but animals. But I soon forgot about respect and kindness. All that was filled inside of me was hate and anger especially towards my family. They left me alone and defenseless. The only thing I had was my diary.


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