Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


15. That's it

The officer finished reading the diary. They grabbed me and put me into the police car all hand cuffed. I knew where I was going and it was definitely not to celebrate. I was going to jail. During the car ride no one said a word. We pulled up to a court. Before I knew it, I had a defense attorney and I was being put for trial. No worries yet. The trial lasted 2 days and at the end I was found guilty. There was no bail and I got sentenced the DEATH PENALTY. I was going to be hanged next week. Very sooner than I thought. Plan B was going to be put in action on the day.

For now I just had to play along. I had a whole cell to myself. It was kind of dirty but at least I didn't have to share. All of these criminals look menacing. The clothes I had to wear were orange, my least favorite color. The food was just terrible. Some days I starved myself. Then the day came. I put my plan into action.

It was time for the hanging. It was in a stadium and people were watching intensely. The people whom I affected.


The prisoner was wearing a black mask. A few minutes later his head was in the noose. The platform dropped and he was hung. The people went wild. I even saw fireworks. The cheers of joy pervading the air. I didn't know people hated me that much. At least they killed the wrong guy. I switched places with another guy just before. Then I escaped using careful strategy. I knew this plan would never fail as it never did.


Me: I guess this is the end, today's my death penalty.

Him: You must have done some serious damage to get the death penalty after a week. My death penalty's tomorrow, got in for shooting a police officer.

Me: Hey, want to trade places? I could do you a favor.

Him: A favor? I would like you to carry on your mission finding your folks.

Me: It's a deal then.

I was going to start a new life under a new name, a new identity. My birth name was Angel White. All these years I changed it to Charles Worth. Now I would have to go under the name of Clarence Badger. This was just all a part of the plan. I'm not going to write a diary this time. This time I'm going to be an executive French chef. Back to reality.

On the noose the body was hanging lifeless. People took it down and took the bag off the prisoner's face. They all were in awe. Everyone was shocked that this was the wrong person. From the distance I put on my face beard and clothes. I ran off in hopes of another start, another beginning. This was Clarence Badger. To be continued...well maybe.



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