Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


13. Summer & Fall

Dear Diary,

It's Summer again and the heat is unbearable. I stay in my apartment under the air conditioner. When I'm bored I watch kids play outside. I have a week day job as an engineer. So basically I'm off on Saturday and Sunday. Well, Today is a Saturday and I'm pretty much bored. I left all my dangerous equipment back at the bunker. How sad.

The cops might be onto me. When you're outside, almost everywhere you look there they are.

It's that time of year again- Halloween! I'm excited, really excited. I may be 23 but I'm dressing up as a burglar. A bit of a cliche right? So there I was in my ski mask and black clothes walking with my bag. Of course I'm not going trick or treating. A few minutes ago, I beat up a little girl (who was dressed up as a princess) and took all her candy. Then I ran away without looking back but you could hear her crying. That girl had A LOT of candy. You may wonder why I would need so much candy. It's definitely not for eating. I was just going to throw them at peoples houses, sort of like egging. I practically went from house to house. I even busted a few windows. People should have stronger windows. Just a candy bar broke an attic window. While I was doing that I think a cop saw me. Before I knew it I was being chased by a police car.

It was gaining on me and had those loud sirens. People were curious and started to watch. Just when I couldn't run any longer I jumped into the bushes and crawled myself deeper into the forest. I came across my bunker and jumped in. Above me I could hear sirens, people talking and I think even dogs. My heart was pounding but a few minutes later I heard them leave. Just to be sure I waited a little longer and climbed out of the bunker. That was a close call.

On my way to the apartment I took off my mask and acted normal. Not like some person who the police is looking for. Nobody suspected a thing.

I had to do my laundry again so I went down to the basement where the washer and dryer is. I put in my clothes and detergent. It was awful quiet. I took out a book to read. The only sound there, was the washing machine. I took my clothes out and before I put them in the dryer I heard voices. I put the clothes down and wandered to investigate. Peering at the wall, light from the door in the next room was open. I could see shadows talking. I strained to listen. It was the landlord talking to an officer. The officer suspected the criminal was living in this very building. The landlord said that the officer can check the place if he wanted. At this point I was sweating. What if I was caught?

I quickly finished my laundry and went upstairs. The police might want to look around my place. I got rid of the evidence. The only thing left was my diary. Where would I put it? It has all my crimes written on it. I named my diary Confession for a reason. I thought quickly and put the diary behind a picture frame. The picture was of a larkspur. That didn't look to suspicious did it? Now the only thing  had to do was to stay calm and innocent. That was Plan A. I devised Plan B over night. If I was ever put in jail I would use Plan B. This plan is to secret to even write in my diary.

Someone was knocking on my door.

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