Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


12. Spring

Dear Diary,

It seems like allergy season again. It's the time of year where people get sick and ill. I wouldn't want that to happen to me so I killed crowds of people who seemed sick. Not in broad daylight though. It would make it to obvious who was shooting around here and there. I'm going on a vacation today from this place. The kids are at school and parents are working. Not many people would take vacations now but since they aren't, I'm taking one. I'm 18 now so I'm going to get a car for myself. I'm going on vacation with that car in fact.

After hours of looking for the perfect car I finally found the perfect one. The price may not be so great but it's worth it. I have my very own diamond encrusted car. It was just a little over 24 million but it has extra room, Wifi and secret compartments. I got a little excited over the secret compartments. The dealers had to hold me down. I drive looking for an apartment. I can finally rent a place with a lot of people. At last I come across a modern apartment building. I talk with the owner for a while and we become friends. I have a way with talking to people and I get my advantages. So at last I have an apartment.

I buy some furniture that afternoon then I go to the hair shop. I dye my hair brown and get a hair cut. I buy some new clothes and a bigger diary. It was time to upgrade stuff.

I come home to my apartment and then fix up the place with my furniture. I stock the bathroom closet with hair dyes and hair cutting kits. These could be handy for disguise. In the living room I put tables, sofas and the T.V. Plus some decorations here and there. My job profession is being a engineer and a part time artist. I put up a few of my paintings and go to sleep. I had such day.

I woke up hearing sounds outside the window. My apartment was on the third floor. I got up and looked out the window. it's already dark but I could see shadows. I see a person in a black outfit sneaking around like he's going to do something bad. That's my job! The person tries to open the window a few yards left. He used a crowbar and broke the window. Then he got inside. I heard a few things breaking. I'm guessing the owner's not around. Oh wait here he comes. The owner parks his car just at the curb then rushes to the window. He jumps in. I hear them running around until the person jumps out with a bag of valuable items. Within a few seconds the police arrive and are investigating the scene. A few cops go and search the apartment for clues while the others search the neighborhood.

A few moments later they arrive with the person all handcuffed. They push him into the car and drive away.

Well that was interesting. I might have to step my game up in hopes of robbing an apartment nearby.

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