Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


9. Search

Dear Diary,

To start off the morning I have a splendid breakfast. One of the finest I ever had. Time to get to business. I may have been procastinating for a while but I can't do so much at a time. At the age of 13 I declare myself as a teenager. Not just any teenager, a serial killer teenager. Ever heard of one? Probably not. I have to live in the forest...all alone. I have no friends or family, just me.

The last time my family lived was downtown Oklahoma. They probably still live there. Probably. I'm going to kill them. But before I do, I'm going to kill part of Oklahoma. You know, wipe out some of the population. I'm going to do something risky today. I've robbed banks over the summer but I haven't really explained about them. When I rob a bank today, I'm going to explain how I did it. From breaking in to breaking out. It's quite simple if you've done it a couple of times. Not that you should of course. I just have to wait until sun down...


Yep, it's sun down alright. I get into my black suit and mask. Then take my equipment and leave. The nearest bank from here is half a mile. Although I never robbed this one before, it shouldn't be that different. So there I am walking.

I open the door and walk in. A few guards are there, so I stab them leaving the knives stuck in their backs. Anyone can do it. Oh hey, look an open vent. I go in and crawl until I come across an opening. This must be the security room. One guy is sleeping on a chair and the other is reading a book. They look so unsuspecting. With my bow and arrow I shoot them dead. They fall to the floor silently. I jump down from the opening and take a look at all the screens. There seems to be important files and documents. If I get this right I will be able to hack into peoples bank accounts. I start looking at the first stack of paper. Just boring papers. No oppurtunities here. Onto the next stack. There's a folder with credit cards and important information about them. I smile. Hello ATM machine, today you're gonna be busy giving me your money. An hour later I emptied out all the money from the credit cards. I carefully put the money into my back pack. Since there was so much money I had to hold them with rubber bands. All the bills were in hundreds just how I like them. If only teenagers were as smart as me they would have been successful at robbing banks at this age. I'm just about to leave.

I place an explosive in the bank, right near the front desk. I set the bomb to one minute and then I run like a crazy maniac. Hey, my life was on the line. I stopped running until I knew it was one minute. From the distance you could hear an explosion and people screaming. How fun was this!

I reach home and take off my gloves and mask. I get into my normal clothes. My favorite part of the day was when I would come home and count the money. Altogether I have over 10 million dollars. That was pretty shocking. I'm just a 13 year old and now I'm a millionaire. Well off to bed now. Another bank another time.

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