Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


4. Plans

Dear Diary,

It's the next day and the sun is rising. I wake up my wolves and feed them the leftover meat from the deer I killed last night. I ran out of pen ink (writing confidential plans) so I filled the pen with beetle juice. It's kind of gross but it works.

My anger hasn't calm down over the year, it just keeps growing. I'm afraid I might go mad but killing animals calm me down just for a bit. I find pleasure in taking the lives of helpless creatures. It sounds wrong but that's because you haven't tried it diary.

I need to get money while I'm still young, knowing that it will help me later in life. I've heard many people have high debts and need money. I don't want to get into that situation.

People like to go for walks in the forest right? The answer better be yes because I spent a long time setting up traps specifically for humans. People usually carry their wallet around when they go outside. Hopefully this will get some humans.

I think I'm going to stick with the gas station as a target area for now. I can't go back there for a while since i just killed people there yesterday. To be honest I have no guilt in what I'm doing.

I think I should not kill in broad daylight. People might find me and take me away. That's a killer's number one fear. You wouldn't know Diary since you never killed anything. Maybe when I'm older I might move into an apartment. It's way better than living inside of this cabin made of wood. Well hopefully in the future but for now I'm just going to steal money from people I kill. It sounds like a straight forward plan but it's not. I have to plan out each murder (as I have just realized) very accurately so I can keep this serial killer thing going for me. These might not be the normal things for an 8 year old to say but I have chosen to be a killer and that's my decision.

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