Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


5. Next Attack

Dear Diary,

Its been 2 months since I killed that family. During the 2 months I have been planning out my next attack. This time its going to be during moonlight hours. I heard people say the daytime is daylight hours so I'm going to call the nighttime moonlight hours. This attack is going to be silent.

Where I will go today is a nice little neighborhood. Before I go I'm going to get a newspaper from the gas station.

I need to get in disguise, so I wear thin deer skin and cover my own skin in mud. I tie back my hair with a long piece of grass. I take some things with me. I have to walk another 2 miles but I know of a shortcut through a clearing. It is only half a mile long. After some minutes I'm at the gas station. I take a newspaper and head over to the neighborhood.

All the lights in each house were out. Everyone was probably sleeping in a nice warm cozy bed. Well some of them won't after I'm done with them. Fortunately a window was open. People should think twice windows they leave open especially during the night. I climbed in and looked around. I saw a pair of night vision goggles lying around. I must be really lucky today. I put the goggles on and it seems I'm in the kitchen. I look in the fridge, take a few things(well a lot) and I go into the next room. A wallet is lying around right on top of the living room table. I grab it and think that I must be really lucky. Some people have to think about their belongings a little more.

The stairs are right around the corner and I start going up. At least these stairs don't creak. One bed room is open and I go in. A small boy is sleeping. He looks a little younger than me maybe 5 or 6. I grab his neck and crack it. That was easy, onto the next unlucky person living in this house. I open the door next to the room I was just in. Twin sisters, how adorable but today is their last day. They look about a few months old, drooling in their sleep. I crack both their necks. This might seem wrong but this is reality. There's always a bad guy. Onto the next room. This must be the parents. I open the door. Just as I suspected. I crack both their necks and look around the room. I find much more money in the drawers. I take a few pens and other things with me also. Goodnight people I whisper as I leave.

It took me more than a few usual to reach the cabin but that was okay since I was carrying all that stuff. I go into my cabin and take out my findings. A few pens, scissors, knives, paper, batteries, a leather wallet, a watch, some clothes, shoes, socks and then I count the money I found. It seems that I have $900. I am going to save that for my future. I take the food out and feed them to myself and the wolves. I haven't had a good meal in a long time. I take the newspaper out. It talks about the family I killed in the last 2 months. They think it is the work of an escaped criminal. At least they don't think it's me. I going to that neighborhood again tomorrow but for now I must rest. I'm awfully tired.

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