Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


10. Just for fun

Dear Diary,

What would you say if I told you I was going to kill people just for fun today? Shush, I don't want to hear it cause you can't talk diary. I feel so bored since I killed off most of he animals here in the forest. It's camping season you know. I have just the perfect plan. I just have to wait until dark. That's when people start telling scary stories and are really scared. I'm basically gonna scare people to death. Just wait and see.

Not even a star in the sky, just the lonely moon. I saved this for an important ocasion. I put on my awesome realistic bear costume. It cost about a thousand dollars but it was worth it. Looking at the mirror I actually look like a real bear. Scaring little children is going to be fun. Once I grab hold of them I'm going to strangle them. Bears usually jsut rip up their prey with their teeth and claws. I might try that too since the claws and teeth in this costume are really sharp. The first time I touched a claw, my finger wouldn't stop bleeding until after 3 days.

I walk on all fours slowly, listening for people. In the distance I see a fire flickering. I carefully go in that direction, without stepping on leaves and twigs. I hide behind a bush. Right in front of the bush was a family laughing and talking while eating hot dogs cooking in the fire. They seemed happy like they have nothing to worry about in life. Such cheerful faces sometimes make me think if I'm doing the right thing. I got over that now. This is my life and this is how I'm going to deal with people.

I rustle the bush a little. You know, for the effect. The little daughter gets scared. The mom reassures her that it was the wind. Yeah, right! I rustle the bush again. The little daughter starts worrting a bit. The big sister tells her to stop being a wimp. I go around to the little kid. I grab her by the leg and show myself. Since this costume has amazingly realistic sound effects I give a loud angry roar. I hold the little girl up by the arm giving her quite a scare. The dad grabs the mom and other daughter. In front of their faces I throw the little girl on the ground with such an impact that her head started bleeding. I tear up the tents and charge towards the mom who is examining her daughter. She has tears in her eyes. All of them do. I grab the mom and scratch her neck so it starts bleeding. I get on all fours and run to the dad. He's on the ground so I pin him down. I look into his eyes and punch him in the face. I get up and kick him several times. The big daughter is just standing there crying drastically. I go over to her and pull her by the hair. I stab her in the back and fling her a couple of meters north. 

That should teach you about camping. It was that one trip where my family went camping. They left me with a killer bear. All alone to defend for myself. Killing the bear made me realize about what I can do to this world. I'm gonna shape this world up. I am a real monster.


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