Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


14. Hello!

Oh, just the landlord. What could he possibly want? He tells me the police are going to search every apartment and that I should be aware. That wasn't helpful.

Soon after he left I felt bored so I looked out the window. I see too many birds. I end up shooting them with darts. I have to get rid of them anyway. So far I landed 3 birds and that's when I hear my phone ringing. Who could it possibly be?

Out of all the people it was just a salesperson. The guy was selling tires at 25% off. As soon as I realized that I hung up. I got a few calls after that, but I didn't answer. The officers would be coming at around noon so to spend the time I bake cookies. While I'm waiting I turn the TV onto the news. Just the same old weather and other crimes. Soon my cookies are ready. I put them on the table to cool and I make some lemonade. Nothing could go wrong after giving them these delicious cookies. I cover the cookies and put the lemonade in the fridge.  

I walk through the forest and come back 15 minutes before noon. As I'm going upstairs to my apartment I see the officers leaving one and entering another. I wonder how long they take at each. Well they'll be going to mine in soon. I enter my apartment and sit on the couch watching the clock tick. I can't wait to get this over with. As soon as the hand struck 12 I heard a ding - dong. These people are really sharp on time. I walk up to the door.

I open the door and greet the officers. I hand the cookies and lemonade to them. They ate it in a blink. One of the guys had crumbs in his bushy mustache. They begin looking around. They look at my paintings, under furniture even through my clothes. They were just about to leave when one of them walked up to the picture of a larkspur. He touched the picture and my diary fell to the floor. He picked it up and began reading it. I tried to stop him but the others held me back. I began to panic. At least I have Plan B. I gulp.

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