Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


3. First humans

Dear Diary,

A year had passed (I'm 8 now) and now all the animals knew I was in charge. They were all terrified of me which felt good actually. It's been a while since I saw humans. I sometimes even forget I'm one. I'm bored of seeing the forest just as any 8 year old would  (if they ever tried living in a forest). I had to see what the humans were up to. I knew this forest really well so the closest highway should be 5 miles north from the cabin. I take a few things with me and head down the path.

Some time later I hear cars. I must be close. Civilization at last. People won't recognize me since my hair has grown over the year and is really messy.  I have to keep a low profile for a while. I cross the highway and on my left is a gas station. I've always dreamed of setting one on fire. I walk to the gas station and take a free newspaper. This might come in handy for getting the latest on what's happening. A family of four gets out of the car.

I hate families, especially of fours. I take out my sharp tipped knife. My favorite thing to do is kill. I've killed a countless number of animals in the past year. Some were killed for food, clothes, blankets etc and fun. Killing people should be different. I approach the family, stab them and flee. These were the first humans I killed.

I run as fast as I can. Running is faster than walking so I arrive at my cabin in less than a few hours. Over the year I practiced at running, climbing and jumping.

Oh and diary I forgot to tell you I made a new family of wolves. Sounds like a cliche right? But this is different. There is a dad wolf and a brother wolf who help me with my hunting.

I go into my cabin and start reading the newspaper. It says the latest about the stock markets blah blah blah. Then

something catches my eye. It states that a family gave up the search for their son and is now declared dead. Must be probably me. They didn't even search good. I live in the same place they left me a year ago. If they really wanted to find their son they would've looked everywhere.

Time to pick up my game. I had to find them and get revenge. I will kill anyone who gets in my way. That's when I knew I was going to become a serial killer.


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