Can this only evidence explain the hardships this serial killer faced?


6. Again

Dear Diary,

Here I am the serial killer who has just finished dinner and on his way to kill more people. I take my sack and weapons. I'm going to the same neighborhood. Better beware people I laugh as I say that to myself. Looks like the house I attacked yesterday hasn't been touched...yet. I may as well kill a few more houses today.

Why not this house today? I carefully cut through a window without making a noise. I go into their rooms kill them and take some stuff. People are so unsuspecting. I look into the fridge take food and leave within a blink. I go in the next house a few yards away. I unlock the back door using a pin. Next time have better security. This house seems different from the rest. It smells like....a dog is living here. Well I guess I'm going to have to kill the dog also. There it is, sound asleep. I wrap up its mouth with duct tape and strangle it. I take the collar. It seems this house has a few guests visiting. The more the merrier the mom always used to say. They seem to be sleeping on the sofa. I crack ones head and slice the other off. I look away in disgust. I put the collar in one of their hands. I kill the others using my knife. It seems like their closets are filled with valuables which I take. Valuables! I'm gonna be rich soon. I leave the house casually.

Maybe one more house! This is kind of like trick or treating but the illegal version. I kick the door open to the next house. Seems like no one is home. I'll just take their things and leave. No killing involved here. I close the door behind me and laugh. I want to have more fun. Some cars are just parked in the driveway. I take a few rocks. As I run away I throw the rocks on the car windows. Soon the alarms sound and I escape the scene.

I'm going to lay low again. There won't be another crime for 3 more years. My next diary entry is my 11th birthday. I don't want to kill people all at once. People might start suspecting it was you know who.

Oh and if you're wondering, I AM WEARING GLOVES!!! I'm not just another stupid 8 year old leaving fingerprints. I'm actually very smart for my age. Every serial killer is and that's how they plan their attacks.

Before camping a lot before that I wanted to be highly intelligent so I can have a lot of money and be famous. Well the only thing that's happening to me is the money not the famous part and that's a good thing.

Back at the cabin I begin counting my money. From today I have $3,400 including the $900 from that other time. I set my valuables on the floor. A few gold jewelry pieces, some bank statements, credit cards, a mirror, gift cards and important documents.

Using the mirror I look at myself for a long time. The only time I see myself is when I stare into the water at the lake. I take my scissors and cut my hair nicely. I look really great, like an innocent boy. My evil smile comes across my face. I brush my hair and change my clothes. I look like any regular boy. Tomorrow morning I'm going to downtown, not for killing people but to take a walk, just like a regular person. Oh and if you're asking the answer is no, no one will recognize me since my hair is done differently and everyone thinks I died. Simple as that. Well goodnight diary. Tomorrow I will write about my walk.


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