Call it Love

Is falling in love the best thing in the world? Or is love nothing more than feelings that leave you heartbroken?

This is just a bunch of poems that I wrote about love <3 Copyright (C)


5. The Runaway

Let's just get away together, till the end of time,

Don't ever leave my side, it'll just be you and I.

Follow me on a journey

Where the earth will be our stage

And the sun will shine a spotlight on us.

A journey where our love will be forever.


You can be Mary Jane and I'll be your Spiderman,

Or I'll be the damsel in distress, you the one to lend the helping hand.

As we drive in our getaway car on Highway 66,

We leave behind all the hopes and dreams.

Towards the future, starting our own paradise.

With a yes, we'll run away together.


Without you here, I feel like my heart will explode,

Like the hiroshima bomb or the big bang theory,

With tears falling down my face like a river.

So never tell me you'll leave, but say you'll always be near

With your hand at arms reach

Pulling you back into my arms.


Love, and be glad while the world watches,

The people as our audience.

Your existence shines bright

With your beauty stolen from a goddess.

When you look at me, it pierces through my heart

With your diamond-like eyes sparkling back at me.


So let's get in our getaway car,

And drive along the path towards our unseen paradise.

Away from the shattered hopes and dreams.

A Mary Jane and a Spiderman,

A princess with her knight in shining armor,

And run away together.



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