Call it Love

Is falling in love the best thing in the world? Or is love nothing more than feelings that leave you heartbroken?

This is just a bunch of poems that I wrote about love <3 Copyright (C)


2. Someday

Let's turn back the clock,

To the time we were together.

To our once never-ending fairytail,

To the time when I told you those three little words.


Without knowing, without feeling, you steal my heart.

I feel your strong arms still around me,

But you are nowhere.

Nowhere is this now cold room.


Your kiss, your touch, your every being.

Will I be able to remember them?

Just like an ocean wave,

you come close to me only to be pulled back.


Is it wrong to think about the past,

Reminicing about our time together?

Or will it only deepen the pain

To this already broken heart of mine?


Someday, I'll hold the key to the past,

Bring myself back to the time when we were together.

To our once never-ending fairytail,

To when I told you "I love you".



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