Call it Love

Is falling in love the best thing in the world? Or is love nothing more than feelings that leave you heartbroken?

This is just a bunch of poems that I wrote about love <3 Copyright (C)


6. Just for Now

I enter the cafe you used to visit,

Imagining another cup of coffee in front of mine.

The words at the end of my tongue tingle with anticipation.

The bitter taste is unnoticed by the sweet thought of you.


I lay beside you as you watched the clouds,

The tips of my fingers itching to entwine in yours.

My trembling heart racing,

Like a fool, I can't stop smiling.


Just maybe, I'll find my way into your heart.

Can you be there for me when I cry?

Will you be the one to smile at my little flaws?

Slowly, I will open your heart.


Just for now, stay where you are.

As I think the words "I love you",

I'll try to not be a burden,

And for now keep the words to myelf.


Just for now, calm this trembling heart,

And let me rest my head on your shoulder.












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