Call it Love

Is falling in love the best thing in the world? Or is love nothing more than feelings that leave you heartbroken?

This is just a bunch of poems that I wrote about love <3 Copyright (C)


4. Again

Every morning feels the same to me

You are not here with me, I don't know what to do by myself.

Should I call or should I wait for you to come

The tears are falling now, but you will never see them at all.

I must be crazy now.

Come back to me, somehow.

But I know it won't work out.


Again, I remember your arms around me,

Again, I feel your warm touch when I sleep.

But now, I'm standing alone in this room with thought about you

Here, all by myself.


Someday we'll meet and act like nothing ever happened

But it will take some time for this heart of mine to not act up.

Right and wrong, I didn't see the difference

Was a mistake to take a chance and try to capture your heart?

I'll try to take it back,

Red hearts have turned to black,

I'll take back the tears I shed for you.


Did you really mean the words "I love you"?

Did I really stick onto you like glue?

Right now, all I can do is try to forget all we had,

Again, by myself.


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