True love comes once ( Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

What happens when you and your best friends go on a walk and meet one direction's Louis Tomlinson?Will both of you guys fall for him? will he accept any of you? Will there be any drama that could change Lili's and Riki's relationship? Will bob finally no follow Pagi home?
Read to find out...


1. Hay gurl hay!

Lili's POV

Today me and by BEST friend in the whole world, went on a walk... But there was something different  about this day... This day was the day6 when i met Louis Tomlinson.. Yes THE Louis Tomlinson, He saw me and Riki, walked over to us... There was something in Riki's eyes that made me think that she liked him.. Oh heck no! she is not falling in love with MY IDOL!.

Well yeah, i know she has a MASSIVE crush on Harry but i never thought she liked Louis! But i guess she can have him.. after all she is bout 2 years older then me, Louis is 21... Riki is 18... Im only 16.... Why does life have to be so slow??

Well Louis started to talk to me, wich i had NO idea what he was saying till i realized he was talking...

" So Lili, what do you and Riki like to do?" Well it was weird because... WAIT HOW THE FLIP DOES HE KNOW MY NAME!?!?!

" Hmm i think she is a little shocked.. You know, you being famous and all?.... but we like to go to the movies... take walks...and ummmmmm..." she was taking a long time to say the last thi

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