1. Dead

Her thin, slender body stretched before it relaxed again, and even though she was laying on a branch in one of the trees that was planted in front of the houses, she did not fall down. She wrapped her arms around the tree, with elegant catlike moves. She did seem to be bored though; there was not much to do on a rainy day like this. One might think that it would be smartest for a woman that was only dressed in a black thingy that only covered as much as a bathing suit and some branches that was wrapped tightly around her body, to go inside. But no, Primrose preferred to stay outside, no matter the weather. The rain glistened like small pearls on her skin, and it made the rose tattoos all over her body look even more realistic. Despite the weather, her hair was elegantly curled. Her bangs covered most of her view, and if one was to look at her face, they would only see the white bangs, and a little smirking mouth, with blood red lipstick on. Primrose had closed eyes, but now and then, she opened them slowly, just to see if any signs of a living person would appear.

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