Strange Books *not done*

It's a normal life for a kid like me. Well not until i went to the *Magicks Library* where then i was taken away from life. Oh yeah my name is Jumery.


3. Swirly Things

        I knew at that very moment something was wrong right when i touched that book. Everything froze in place except for me and that Book. The Book fell in the floor, all of a sudden the book started to rise and a open up. There was a swirly purple thing in it and it was moving. Everything turned dark and I was getting sucked in the book i was afraid what might even happen if i got in there.

     Librarian's Point of View

     I was at the counter as usual when i saw this, this person that was weirdly dressed. I ignored her and kept on checking out books for people, that was when I remembered the sacred rules of this library. I tried to run as fast as i could but i was to late she touched the book and that very moment everyone froze for a second, things got dark, and she dissapeared. I was to late to save her. Now the only thing that can save her is the Magick Wizard that shows up all the time in all our books.

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