Strange Books *not done*

It's a normal life for a kid like me. Well not until i went to the *Magicks Library* where then i was taken away from life. Oh yeah my name is Jumery.


2. Magicks Is Your Game Not Mine

    I looked around myself when i was in the library.I guess i wasn't in the "proper" clothing because everyone had magic stuff like wands, robes, hats, orbs, etc..

    Well whether i was "proper" or not i am still going to check out a book.I don't know why i chose this place out every other because i know one thing about myself and it is that i do not like to get involved with magic real or not real.So u went upstairs into the book room i looked at all the books then at the book person.She said only one thing: No Magic No Service.

     When i heard that i was thinking that isn't magic fake?So i ignored her and tried to find a book that probably i would like.So i found a book the title was A Book and i thought it would be boring so i touched the book to read the description.That was when my whole life changed.

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