Strange Books *not done*

It's a normal life for a kid like me. Well not until i went to the *Magicks Library* where then i was taken away from life. Oh yeah my name is Jumery.


1. Summer Time

    It was almost time. No one was paying attention by then just waiting for the bell since the teacher did say there was homework over the weekend. Well it is the last day of the school you know what they say "saved the bell" that statement is mostly true. In about 2 minutes the bell rang and the school empty empty in less than a minute. I was home all day in my pajamas sitting on the couch reading a book that i haven't read next thing you know I'm on the sofa watching TV.

    When i was done watching TV and reading books I went on the internet to find an interesting library that I have never been to before I found one named Magicks Library. I would think that it would be interesting to go there so i decided to go there to check out some books. I walked out of my house with a map of how to get there. Then i went towards my car and sat down to read the map, Next thing that happened was an old man walking towards me with a "wizard" robe and hat all he said was to be careful of what I do not know. Maybe to be careful of the wrong roads or something. I would say it took me an hour or 2 to figure out the map and go to the Magicks Library. I was at the front door of the library which then i realized all the decorations.

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