Hailey Dover is the 'popular' girl. She has every girl worshiping her, and all of the boys on a puppet string. Her dad is rich and doesn't really care about what she does. Her life is what every girl dreams of. So what happens when she walks down the wrong pathway and hasn't been seen since? (contains sexual scenes and violent language)


1. wrong pathway

Haileys POV

"What would you do, what would you say, how does it feel, pretend its ok" I was awoken by my phone singing pretend its ok by little mix. I reached for it and checked who texted me, it was Amanda, one of the girls who follows me around all day. It said "Hayy halye do u want 2 hang 0ut 2day?" I rolled my eyes at her poor grammar and responded with "ya sure I'll be at your house at noon" I put my phone back on my dresser and went to go have a quick shower. Once done, I changed into my ripped light pink skinny jeans, and my white t-shirt that said 'kiss me, I'm perfect' on it. I put on some mascara, and kept my wavy black hair down. I put on some brown uggs, grabbed my phone and headphones and left. I put in my headphones and put my iphone on shuffle, and wake me up by Ed Sherran came on. When I finally got to her house I took out my headphones and knocked on the door. "Hailey!" Amanda yelled, like she hadn't seen me in a year, even though I just saw her last night at Bens party. She hugged me and then we walked upstairs to her room. We talked and gossiped about the normal stuff like whos dating who. After a while she asked me who I liked. The answer is obvious, well to me at least. Its Luke. I don't usually tell people but, I decided to tell her. "Luke" I said, trying to act normal about it. "OH MY GOD REALLY!?!?! YOU GUYS WOULD BE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!" she yelled. I responded with "Uhh, ya I guess". She then proceeded to grab her phone and do something on it. "Wait what are you doing?" I asked worried that she is texting him. The only answer I got was a text from Luke that said 'hey ;)' "Why did you tell him!?!" I asked kinda angry "Cause you guys would be such a good couple" she said smiling, and putting emphasis on the word 'such'. I got another text that said 'Amanda told me how u feel and dont worry I wont tell anyone I think its kinda cute :)' obviously it was from Luke. It made me smile. I loved how sweet he was. I texted Luke for about an hour longer, he kept telling how adorable I was, but then he told me that he had to go. I looked at the time and noticed that it was late, so I told Amanda that I'd see her tomorrow at school. I left her house and put my earphones and put on kiss me by Ed Sherran. I was so focused on the lyrics, and thinking about seeing Luke tomorrow, that I didn't notice I walked down the wrong pathway, and into the forest. When I finally came out of my thoughts, I realized that I was lost. "He-hello?" I asked nervously. I looked around, but all ways looked the same. Just as I turned around, a dark figure hit my head on a tree, and stuffed me in a large bag.

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