Hailey Dover is the 'popular' girl. She has every girl worshiping her, and all of the boys on a puppet string. Her dad is rich and doesn't really care about what she does. Her life is what every girl dreams of. So what happens when she walks down the wrong pathway and hasn't been seen since? (contains sexual scenes and violent language)


2. shes ours

Harrys POV

Once I got her in the bag, I lifted it up and carried it back to the van. I noticed some earphones connected to a phone, it must be hers. I put one of them in my ear, and listened to the words of Ed singing. She squirmed a bit, but not much. I set her down inside the van stepped in, and shut the door behind me. "good job Haz" Lou said to me, patting me on the back. Zayn opened up the bag and I quickly tied her hands, while Niall tied her feet, and Liam her some duct tape over her mouth. She looked up at us with big scared eyes, I smirked at her. "Alright Lads, so who gets her first?" Liam spoke, I looked over at her and she froze. "I'll take her" Zayn said then liked his lips while looking at her. "No, I get first" I said while biting my lip and staring at her. "Fine, but shes mine tomorrow night" Zayn said with a hint of anger in his voice. Once we were at the house, Niall opened the back of the van, and I picked her up and brought her to our home. She tried to get free, but I just tightened my grip on her arse. She immediately stopped, causing me to chuckle a bit. I carried her up to my room, and put her down on my bed. I shut the door and locked it. I undid her ankles, but handcuffed them to the bed, along with her wrists. I took the duct tape off of her mouth, my eyes not leaving contact with hers. "So this is what is going to happen, you will stay in one of our rooms each night and do whatever we want. There are four other girls here as well, and we will each get one of you per night on a rotating basis. You get one hour a week with the other girls. If you do not follow any of our rules, there will be punishment, do you understand?" She nodded head the tiniest bit. "Good, by the way, whats your name?" I asked a little curious. "H-hailey" she said barely audible. "mines Harry, I hope you like it because you'll be screaming it all night" I told her as I winked. With that I exited the room.

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