I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


24. What did I do?


I just wanted to tell her how sorry I was, but she didn't want to listen. I didn't blame her one bit, it was all my fault. I could bear to see her leave me again though. I did the last thing she wanted me to do, I pulled her back to me again. She turned quickly to me and slapped me in the face, hard. It was enough to turn my head and give me a nice red spot on my cheek. "Louis! I told you to let me go! I AM LEAVING NOW!" I loved her so much, I couldn't let her go. "Abby, I love more than words can discribe, you are-" She cut me off once again. "Louis, stop. Save yourself the breath. I've heard it so many times before. Everytime you do something that makes me mad, you do this and I forgive you. Not this time. Goodbye Louis." Before I could object, she was already down the steps, walking down the street. "Abby!" I called after her, she didn't even turn her head.God, I was really idiotic. I just hoped she would forgive me. She most likely won't this time.

   I shut the door and slid down the wall. I put my head in my hands and just sat there. Thinking about how stupid I was. I loved her so much, and I ruined everything. I got up after god only knows how long. I dragged myself to my bed, I layed there for the rest of the day and night. My phone rang serveral times but I never answered it. Sometime in the night, someone knocked on my door. I ignored it. "Louis! Are you in there! Are you ok?" I thought it might have been one of the boys. They had probably been the ones calling me. Oh well I'd see them tomorrow right?

   I fell asleep sometime that night. I woke up to me cell phone, ringing again. I glanced at it, it was Liam.  I also noticed I had five new voicemails. I cleared my voice mails and layed back down. I stared at the ceiling, trying to find the corage to text Abby. That corage never came.

   I got up and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and ate some breakfast. Then, someone knocked on my door. "Louis! Are you in there! You won't answer you phone!" I accidently knocked over a plate, huge mistake. "LOUIS! IS THAT YOU! IS SOMEONE ROBBING YOU?! I'M COMING IN!" Second later, the door was down. I just stared blankly at, Liam ,of all people to knock down a door. "Louis! You scared me half to death! God! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" He semi put the door back in the frame, but it just fell the other way. "Sorry about that." I just gave him a smile and walked back to my bed, not caring he was here. "Louis! Talk to me, whats wrong!" I plopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling, ready to spend the rest of my day like this. "Louis!" I really didn't really feel like talking, but I had to get him to leave. "Liam, I just want to be alone right now. Sorry for scaring you, I heard my phone ring." He gave me an unsure look, he obviously wasn't going to leave without a fight. "Is it because of Abby? She stopped by myself yesterday and told me what was going on. I didn't know what was going on with you though." I felt like I was about to cry, but not infront of Liam. "I'm fine. Please just leave." His face got tight as he looked towards the door. I sat up, and there was Abby, staring at me.



After I left Louis', I went to Liam's. I just needed to talk to someone. I left there and went home, I thought about Louis the whole night. Maybe I should forgive him, no I shouldn't. I dicided the next morning I would got back to Louis' and give him a fair chance to talk. When I got there, the door was knocked down. Was he ok? I ran in and looked around, there was a broken plate on the floor, but other then that everything looked normal. I ran to his bedroom to find Louis laying in his bed in boxers with really messed up hair. Liam sat on the end of his bed, neither of them noticed me at first. But Liam turned and automaticly stiffened. Louis sat up and stared at me, had he been crying? "Oh Louis." That's all I could say, I had done this to him. It was after noon, had Louis been like this all night? He just layed back down, avoiding mine and Liam's eyes. "Louis, talk to her." Liam tryed to get Louis to sit back up, but Louis just turned over closing his eyes. A silent tear slid down his face. 'Louis. I..." I didn't know what to say. Maybe I had been to cruel last night. "Save you breath Abby." He said obviously imitaiting me from yesterday. "Why don't I let you two figure this out for yourself." Liam slipped out of the room, I really didn't want him to leave. "I just came to check on you." I kind of lied but I didn't want to upset him at all. "Well, you checked on me. So what are you going to do now." He never even opened his eyes, I was the one who was supposed to be mad! I regreted even thinking that because moments later, Louis broke down into tears.

    "Louis, I only said that because I was mad. I still am." He shited slightly still not looking at me. "You have a right to be mad. I just thought you had left me for good. Abby, I love you so much. I have already been scared you might die! Now I messed things up again, I am so sorry." More tears slipped out of his eyes. His voice never cracked though. "I'm sorry Abby. I truely am." Am I going to forgive him? "Louis, I don't know what to do right now. If you give me a little more time to think. I am still mad at you." He opened his beautiful blue eyes and looked me in the eyes. "Just, please don't leave me again. Please?" I nodded and gave him a hug. I was still mad, but not as mad as I was yesterday. "I still can't fully forgive you Louis, you know that right?" He nodded in response. "Ok, well clean yourself up! I wanted to go to lunch later, want to come with me?" He nodded and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on, so I thought I could run to the gas station and fill my car up, big mistake.

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