I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


25. Never again.


I hopped in the shower, happier now that Abby wasn't that mad at me anymore. She said that she still couldn't fully forgive me, I understood. I took probably the fastest shower I have ever taken in my life, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Abby. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my bedroom to get clothes. Abby wasn't there. I assumed she was in the kitchen or living room. I got dressed and walked to the kitchen, Abby wasn't there either. "Abby?" I didn't get a response. "Abby?!" I ran around the whole apartment, looking for her. She wasn't here. I ran outside hoping she was at her car. When I got down the steps, I noticed her car wasn't there. She had left, even after I asked her not to. I got in my car and drove to her house, her car wasn't there either. Where was she?

   I gave up after driving around almost the whole town. I walked up to my aparment and flopped down on the couch. There still wasn't a door. Why did she leave again. I started to cry. I went back to my room and layed down. I guess I fell asleep because when I looked at the clock it was three. I was really hungry so I got up to make a sandwhich. And there was Abby, sitting on the couch. "Where have you been! I thought you left me again!" She gave me a confused look. "I went to get gas, when I came back you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you." I really over reacted. "Abby, I paniced. I drove all over town looking for you. You could have at least told me." Her jawed dropped, she got up and gave me a hug. "Louis I am so sorry! I didn't think... you would get so upset." Maybe I should have just stayed put and waited for her. "It's not your fault. I over reacted, a lot. Do you still want to get lunch, I'm starving!" Her concerned face gave way to a smile. "Oh course! And next time, I'll tell you when I'm going somewhere. I'm so sorry Louis." Then she did something I thought she wouldn't do for a long time. She kissed me. A warm kiss, that automaticly made me forget everything that was going on. I felt like, it was just me and Abby. No one else. But of course it wasn't, I didn't have a door.



I kissed him. It felt so good. I didn't think I could stand to be so far apart from him all the time, I loved him. But, we were soon interupted by serval voices. "Oh, I guess you guys made up." "Look whos getting comfortable again." We pulled apart, and there were the boys. Grinning like crazy. "We came over to see how Louis was doing, I guess he's doing just fine." Zayn said, while raising his eyebrows. This was akward. "Well, me and Louis were about to get some lunch... wanna come with us?" They all nodded eagerly. We stood there for an akward moment when Louis broke the silence. "Ok then! Let's get going then!" The boys climbed into Harry's car. Me and Louis went in his. "That was akward." He nodded and turned his head to me. "Yeah, it was. Where are we going to lunch?" Oh, I forgot to think about that part. "I don't know, why don't you suprise me!" Louis smiled and pulled out his phone, and started texting. Probably to the boys, telling them where to go.

   We drove for about half an hour and arrived at some restraunt I didn't recognize. It wasn't very fancy, but not too casual. It was nice for lunch. When we walked in, the boys were mobbed by young teenage girls. I stepped back and smiled, the boys really did make people happy. After signing autographs and taking pictures, we were seated at a table in the back. "Why are you guys so popular?" They put on their ugliest faces before answering. "Because we are so hot!" I started laughing to the point of tears. "Stop! You guys are messing up my make up!" They started laughing with me. We must have looked so stupid, just laughing over nothing. We got our food and stuffed our faces. After we ate, we went back to Louis' apartment and called someone to replace his door. It took a couple hours, but Louis had a door! The boys left, they said it was so me and Louis could have some 'alone' time.

   We watched a couple movies before I fell asleep on his shoulder. I woke up and it was morning. Louis had also fallen asleep on the couch. I quietly got up and walked over to the kitchen. I needed to go back to my house and change. I left Louis a note on the counter and slipped out the new door. I got in my car and drove to my house, I changed and fixed my make up. After I was all fixed, I went back to Louis'. The door was slightly open. I pushed it open and dropped my bag. My mouth fell open and tears streamed down my face. Louis was kissing another girl, on the couch I had just been sitting on. I ran down the steps trying to wipe tears from my eyes. Someone was calling my name but I didn't care. I got in my car and drove away, I could barely see the road through my tears. Never again, was I going to trust him. NEVER.

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