I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


22. Meeting the boys again.

The doctor said I culd go, Louis brought me a wheelchair and some regular clothes to change into. My mom had to help me with that part. Louis wheeled me out of the hospital and lifted me into the passenger side of his car. He held my hand the whole drive, it felt so good to be able to do that again. When we pulled into a restraunt I didn't recognize, I was immediatly happy that I had come. Harry, Niall. Zayn, and Liam stood outside the front door. I was so excited to see them again!

    When Louis rolled me up the little ramp to the door, the boys put on their all too famous smiles. "Hey love!" "We missed you!" "How are you feeling?" "I missed you more!" Their words all came in a jumble, I pretty sure the last one was from Niall though. "Hey guys! I missed you too!" I was about to stand up when I remembered I couldn't. I guess I looked kind of frustrated because Liam noticed right away. "What's wrong Abby? Are you okay?" He was so sweet. I lost the look of frustration and smiled at him. "Oh I'm fine! Come give me a hug!" I thought I played it off pretty good. All four of them ran to me to give me a hug. God, I had missed this so much. If only I was standing up. "Are we going to go eat now?" Niall shouted over all of the I-missed-you's. "Of course! Wheel me in Louis!" Louis gave me a warm smiled and pushed me into the restraunt. We were there for longer then 3 hours. We all just talked, like old times. There was NOTHING we didn't share with each other. It was kind of weird but who cares! My life was going back to normal! It was all going to be ok.



She was so happy. Happier then I had seen her in a long time. She smiled so much, she seemed to have forgoten about all the bad thing that were going on. We were at that restraunt for a very long time. No one wanted to leave. We just talked and talked and talked. It was just like old times, almost like nothing had happened. But, we still couldn't push back Abby's lack of mobility and all the things she had done while I was gone. We finally left that restraunt about 4 hours later, I'm not really sure. When I told her we had to go back to the hospital, she started to cry. "No Louis! I will not go back to that horrible depressing place! I want to go home! NOW!" I really wished I could take her home, but I couldn't. "Abby, you need to go back to the hospital so you can get better! You'll be going home soon, just a couple more days. Please don't be mad at me." She had her arms crossed and her bottom lip stuck out. Something she always did when she got mad. She look like a child, but it was so cute. "I don't want to go back!" I just sighed and looked back at the road. It was going to be hard to get her back in that wheelchair.

     It was hard. She smacked me and bit me, hard. My hand was bleeding by time we got back into the hospital. She was yelling at me to turn around, but she couldn't do anything about it. "LOUIS TURN AROUND NOW!" I just rolled me eyes and took her to her room where I put her on the bed, which wasn't any easy task either. She layed down with her hair flowing around her, not speaking to me. "Abby, I had to take you back. I want you to get better. You'll be out of here soon." She rolled her eyes and sat up. "You've been saying that for a week now! When am I going to get out of here Louis! Huh?" I slumped back in the chair and thought about what to say, I really had no idea when she would be released, but it had to be soon. "It'll be soon ok?" I kind of snapped back at her which I didn't mean to do. I didn't apoligize either. She got quiet and layed back down, looking at the ceiling. "Louis, just leave now please." She didn't even look my way when she said this. "Ok, I'm sorry. I want you to get better. I love you Abby." She didn't move for a couple seconds but propped herself up on her elbows a little while after. "I love you too Louis." She layed back down and closed her eyes. "Goodnight." I whispered, I didn't think she heard me until she said "Goodnight."

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