I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


23. Forgive and forget


I sat on my bed staring at the wall. How could things have gone so wrong in such a short period of time? Abby got better, she could walk now. After she got out of the hospital, she talked more and more to the boys. And she found out something she wasn't supposed to know. When I was in Ireland I went to a bar. I got drunk, and met a girl. I had no idea what was going on. Apparently, I had slept with her which I didn't know till that following morning. I told the boys and I guess they thought Abby should have a right to know which she did. She told me she needed to get away from me for a while and figure out what she was going to do. So basicly, she broke up with me.

     She was still living at her parents house. I moved back to my old apartment. I tried texting Abby many times but she never responded. I understood, she didn't deserve any of this. I was an idiot. I screwed this up for myself. She was never definitly not going to forgive me this time.

    One day after we had split up, I saw her walking on the other side of the street. "Abby!" Her head turned and I knew it was her. She quickly turned her head back and started walking fast. I crossed the street. "Abby!" I called louder this time. She started to jog away and wipe what I thought were tears from her eyes. "Abby!" She started sprinting away from me this time. Faster than I had ever seen her run. I chased after her. "Abby stop! I need to talk to you!" She seemed to speed up even more. She ran around the block and I still trailed behind her. She started slowing down a little, that gave me an advantage. I gripped her wrist and pulled her back to me. She stumbled into me and tried to pull away. I wrapped both my arms around her. "Let me go! NOW!" She was pushed my torso and was kicking me. "Abby, I just want to talk to you." I was desprate. She looked me in the eye for the first time. "Let me go now. Or you will regret it." She couldn't do anything about it. "Now, Louis." I still held her, I wasn't about to let her get away from me again. "Louis! I'll call the police on you!" She tried to pull out her phone but I slipped out of her pocket and into mine. "With what." She seemed frantic. "SOMEONE "HELP! THIS MAN IS HURTING ME! HELP!" She kicked and squirmed even more. People were starting to stare at us. "Abby, stop. Please I just want to talk to you." She calmed down a little, but not that much. "Louis, let go of me.' That was obviously her last try. "No. I"m not letting you get away from me again." Tears gathered in her eyes. "Ok."



I didn't want to talk to him for obvious reasons. He cheated on me! He wasn't going to let go any time soon so i had no choice but to say ok. He held my wrist and dragged me back to his apartment. He locked the door, afraid that i would leave him. "Abby, I am so-" I cut him off. "No. I know your sorry but you can't take back what you did to me. You really messed it up this time Louis." He looked at me with scared eyes. He looked like a child, afraid to be alone. But, i didn't care. "Abby, I-" I was already out the door by time he started speaking. He needed to get his priorities strait, before I walked down the steps I turned around. "Get your head together and decide what you really want. Goodbye Louis." Just like that I was gone, until he grabbed my wrist, again.

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