I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


14. Did I Louis leave me?

She was just like she used to be, fun and loving. She still didn't remember everything though. It didn't matter because I had my Abby back! And this time she was in love with me to! I had to take her back to the hospital even though Abby told me not to. She wanted to go back to my house and just talk, not that we would do that much talking. It was to dangerous to take out of the hospital. She may have had a fit or something. When we got back to the hospital she was immediatly pulled back to her room by doctors. They gave her an IV of something she didn't need. I wasn't about to object though, i had already caused enough trouble. Soon she was back in her hospital gown with at least two IVs in her left arm. When all the doctor's left, we just talked, for hours. I had to leave, which ruined our night, it always did. Hopefully she would remeber me in the morning.

   When I came to the hospital, Abby wasn't there. I was about to run out and look for her when her mom came in. "Louis I don't know how to say this but, Abby died in her sleep last night." I just stared at her, then laughed. "You're kidding right! You just wanted a laugh!" But she didn't laugh with me. "You are serious?" She nodded. Then I fell to the ground crying. She couldn't be gone! I loved her so much! "No, NO! SHE ISN"T DEAD!" I was screaming at no one. This is all your fault Louis! That's all I could think. I ran out of the hospital, tears in my eyes. I didn't stop. I ran to the river that was only seconds away from Abby's hospital. I decided to drown myself. I wanted to be with her. When I was about to pass out, I woke up.                                                                 



   I had a dream last night but I couldn't recall what it was about. I woke up and looked for Louis, but he wasn't in my room. I thought that he was just getting coffee or something, after twenty minutes he still wasn't there. I was going to get up to look for him, but I was really tired and I thought he was going to come eventually. I waited all day for him. I turned on my TV and watched several episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I painted my nails and drew a picture of a flower. My mom came and gave me lunch which I successfully made into a face. The doctor came in and gave me medicine, I gave him a hug. I scraped my nail polish off and did them again. I wrote a story about a dog who found love in a cat, they got married and had cat-dog babies. I wasted my whole day doing pointless stuff waiting for Louis, but he never came. I was mad at him! But then again, maybe something was wrong because he never missed a day of visiting, execpt a couple times which didn't matter. Did Louis leave me?


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