I'm really not sure...

My name is Abby and I'm am Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend... i think i can't remember anything from the past um 3 years to be exact. Why? I think i was in a car accident but no one has really told me. Oh and by the way who is Louis Tomlinson?


2. Are they in a band?

What I remeber out of all this crazyness is a band. It had a number in it I think. But which number I don't know. They have told me before but I can't recall it. What is that? I think to myself, it's interuping my um... what am I doing again?

   "May I come in?" It was Louis.



    She looked scared, seemed like I had to explain who I was again. "Abby I'm-" She cut me off.  "I know who you are for once. I just don't know what to say to you."

   "Well what did you want to say." It seemed like she wanted to say something, but wasn't sure. "I wanted to know why you loved me in the first place. i barely know who you are." I knew exacually how to answer that. "You are the most beautiful girl on the earth. Every time i see you, I feel electricity surge through the air. No girl has every made me feel this way. I will forever and always, love you." I thought it was good answer, untill she gave me a look that I couldn't describe, but I knew right now, she didn't feel the same way.





   I had heard this to many times. How much he loved me, how long he'd wait, and so on. I didn't love him though, did I? I might have a couple months ago, but he would have to win me back now. I didn't remember one single night we spent together, he remembered them all. I couldn't even begin to believe that he was my boyfriend, he loved me like his wife. I didn't love him, he loved me with all his heart.

   He told me he loved me again. That's when I lost it. I sobbed. He ran to me "What's wrong?!" I didn't reply "Abby?! ABBY!!!" That's when the room turned black, and his voice was drowned out by the soothing noise of my own heartbeat.



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