Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


15. What A Cowgirl Wants

A cowgirl wants

The fastest horse

That is strong and fast

That knows how she feels


A cowboy that will love her

Give her hugs and kisses

That will be proud of her

Call her his own


She has to have a gun

That is fast

That she can depend on

That fits just right in her hand


A hat

To call her own

Look's good

And fit's good


A shirt that is soft

That she can tie up

That she can have

Comfort with


A pair of jeans

That fit's just right

Has a hole or two

That is comfortable


Boots for her feet

That fit just right

That are made for walking

That she can run in


She want's to jump fences

Rope a bull

Ride without a saddle

Ride in an open field


A saddle that fits

That is comfortable

Looks good

Feels good


A life of a cowgirl

Is lonely sometimes

Yet alot of fun

In the open fields

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