Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


5. Sweet Kiss Of Death

Sweet kiss of death

Touch me now

Make me whole

My life complete


I'm ready for you

Anytime you want me

I make no demands

I'm all yours forever more


Kiss me sweet death

Gentle and oh so kind

Your in my body

You have my soul


My heart is in your hands

It is broke into

when I think of you

Your my all


Sweet kiss of death

Come and get me

Take me away

I'm tired and weary


Sweet kiss of death

I'm ready for your

Warm embrace

Your breath on my cheek


Sweet kiss of death

I want your kiss on my lips

Your body with mine

I want to go home with you


Where I don't have to worry

No more pain

Where I won't be alone

I can just go in peace


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