Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


13. In The Heat Of The Night

In the heat of the night
It was so dark
I was hot
Wanted to feel a breeze

No where to be found
Could not be cool
We raced to the shower
But the air was still hot

We were lying in bed
When lips met lips
Kissing so long
Heat coming strong

Tongue meeting tongue
Hands exploring
Touching, feeling
Going strong

Moving down to my breast
Breath on my cheek
I could not move
Lips finding mine

Waiting for the next move
Your finger trailing down
My spine
Feeling you so strong

In the heat of the night
We wanted it all
Could not wait
We were ready

As you lifted me
Legs entwined
I moaned and screamed
Your name

Your shadow I saw
With a wicked gleam in your eye
A smile so sweet
A tip of the tongue

As you tasted me
It pleased as
You teased
I could not move

When you exploded
I flew to pieces
I was going in circle's
Passion of love

My legs were spread wide
Like fairy dust
My life drifted
As you carried me away

To world's unknown
Where I had never been before
It was a pleasure
such a delight

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