Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


11. I Was Found Today

Today  I was found

In my life once again

I was made whole

My life is compete


There are so many things

I want to do

I gave to the seven-100 club

To help other's in different countrie's


I always want to help other's

I don't have the money

To help everyone

That needs help


But God helped me join the club

So I can help those in need

So i can get the word of God

Out to every country


 I have heard so many stories

About the diferent countries

The sorrow and pain they share

The things they need


It is so hard to listen to this

Knowing you cannot help everyone

But if my money help's just one person

I wll be happy


That person can tell other's

We all can Pray

And believe in God

See what he does for us


Thank you God for today

For what you did for me

You gave so much to me

Now it's my turn to give it back to you


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