Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


12. Happiness

Happiness is what life is all about

Happiness is Joy and peace

Happiness is love pure love


Something so simple

Yet so complex

It brings so much


All of us need happiness

To make us who we are

What we are


How we believe

What we believe

The love it brings


Happiness builds us up

Pulls us through

Take's away the pain and sorrow


Happiness is a new day

Another night

Love so sweet


Happiness is the birth

Of a new child

Another on the way


A new romance

Or a new marriage

God is happiness


We can be better

Not let other's in

Or have happiness


Let it take place

Of what we are

Who we are


Happiness makes you happy

It makes you strong

Gives you the will to go on



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