Angel's Book Of Poems Book Number 2

All my poems in one place. This will be a different poems. Hope you will enjoy


14. A Bad Day For Me

Today is a bad day for me
I'm losing control
All I can do is sit and cry
I feel like a waterfall

That just keeps going
That won't stop
I'm hurting so bad
Don't know what to do

Some days are good
I think finally it is going to end
Then it start's over again
All I do is Pray

I feel so alone
So hurt, lonely, depressed
I wonder how I will move on
Should I just give up

But I know I can't give up
Because when I do
I won't be here
My life will be over

I have to much to do
To much to give
So no matter how bad it gets
I have to carry on

Life is not fair
You only have one life
So you have to deal with the bad
As well as the good

So I have to forget the pain
Think of good things only
It won't be like this everyday
So forget the hurt

When I get down and out
I just look around
I see other's who are hurting more
Then I ever could

So I think of how
I can help someone
In this world
On such a lovely day
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