Valentine's Day With One Direction

A girl named Michaela and Ashley are walking around England and they walk into these two guys. They arent big fans of One Direction but they like them. They are going on tour in 5 days. Harry falls for Michaela. But Harry on her list in near the end. Will Harry win Michaela's heart or will they just walk away.


2. Alone :(

 Harry's POV

 It has been a month since I have seen Michaela. We have been texting and talking on the phone, but it has been hard to be away from her. She has been staying at mine with Ashley so she wont be alone. But we will be getting to see them in a few days and I am so happy, but I am scared I did something terrible. I slept with another women when I was drunk. I feel so bad that I did it but I was drunk. I am going to tell her cause I think it should be a healthy and honest relationship. I know she will be upset so I will have to really make it up to her little by little because I know she wont trust me. That is what girls do right?

"Hey Harry we have to go" Liam called

"Ok, ok I'm coming"


Ashley's POV

 Michaela has been so excited that she gets to see Harry. But I am single and I am also excited but I wish I was as happy as Harry and Michaela. They have such a good relationship I want some one like that. Michaela said that she was going to set me up with Niall cause she thought we would make a good match I don't know we are so different. Michaela said that me and her were going to the mall and I was going to get stuff for my date. I wanted to go on the date but I didn't I thought it would awkward. I feel like set up dates is just a little weird.

"Michaela do I have to go on the date?"
"Yessss we have to do what we always said that we would do go on a double twinney date. but that was with 47" (47 if a code name)

"I know........... ok fine I will go on the date but I am not saying that I am going to like it"



Michaela's POV

 I am so happy that Ashley is going on this date. I really want her to be happy, I want her to have a great relationship. I want her to be in a relationship with a great person some one I know and she know is a amazing person. Some one who wont break her heart and just walk away, some one who will at least try to make it better through anything. I know they will make a great couple but they have to try to make it work. I know I have that I want my best friend aka my sister. We just get each other, when one is sad the other one makes it better. I know she is like a sister I consider as my sister. We have been sisters ever since we were little. I said when I get married she was going to me my maid of honor. I even told my sister that my other sister has already taken that stop. Kaylee my other sister she is just a brides maid, my second brides made.


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