Valentine's Day With One Direction

A girl named Michaela and Ashley are walking around England and they walk into these two guys. They arent big fans of One Direction but they like them. They are going on tour in 5 days. Harry falls for Michaela. But Harry on her list in near the end. Will Harry win Michaela's heart or will they just walk away.


1. Don't Fall To Hard

 Michaela's POV

 I was walking down the street in London with my best friend Ashley. We were shopping that day and we got hungry so we went to go eat at Nandos. We loved Nandos they had the best food ever. We were walking down the street and i got pushed on the ground. I blacked out but i dont know how long. I woke up and i couldnt see anything. Everything was really blurry to me. I woke up and i was still laying down on the ground.

"Michaela are you ok?"
"Yeah i fine but everything is really blurry, i can't really see."

I could tell it was Ashley beacuse of her vocie and she was the only one with me.

"We have to get you to a hospital."

"We what do you mean we there it is only us."

"They peron that bumped into you was Harry Styles and Niall Horan."

"Aren't they from that band One Direction Tearra always talks about?"


"Hi i'm Harry and that Niall aorry we bumped into you."

"Umm.... Thats ok but can we go to the hospital now."

"Yeah sure love."

 Harry's POV

Niall and me were just walking along and i kinda bumped into a girl. I made her fall and hit her head. I felt bad and she blacked out for about 10 minutes. When she finally woke up we had to take her to the hospital right away. We sat in the waiting room for the her to get out of x-rays. She finally came out but she couldn't remember Niall for me. But she could remember Ashley, I mean she was her best friend in theworld why wouldn't she rememeber her. We had to exlain what happened and who we were. By the time the doctor came back he said that this concution is really bad and we have to bring her home. He said to bring her back to my place and show her around.

"Doctor, i just bumped into her i dont know her."

"You can at least bring her to your house and have her sty there for a fews hours or days. I mean your the one who got her into this mess."


 I know he was right that i did get her in this mess i could al least bring her to my flat.

 Michaela's POV

 The doctor came back and said that i had another concution, this was my 4th one. He said that i was going to stay with Harry for a few DAYS. That is something that i didn't want to do, i don't know him, or do i i dont know. We went to Harry's place and there was five people there. Niall introduced us to the five people. Harry went to get me some sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Michaela and Ashley this is Louis, Liam, Zayn,Dani Liams girlfriend, and El Louis girlfriens!"

"Hi" Ashley and me said.

"Niall can i talk to you for a minute?"

"Yeah, sure."

They went outside and started talking.

Niall's POV

 "Niall why are those girls here?"

 "Harry bumped into Michaela and she got her 4th concution. She cant remeber anything and the doctor told us to bring her here."

"Ok but we have to leave in 5 days to go on tour, are they going to be gone by then."

"I dont know"

Harry's POV

 I went upstairs to go get Michaela a pair of sweats and shirt. She was all dirty from when she fell and i thought i should go get her some clean clothes. I went down stairs and i saw her and she was so beautiful.

"Here are soem clothes."

"Thanks, Ashley can you come with me for a second"


 I asked Ashley to come with me beacuse i don't want to be alone in this flat.

 5 Days Pasted

Harry and me were getting along and we were dating now, I loved him. He was going on tour today. I drove him to the airport and said are goodbyes there. He went through security and i sent him a text.

  I sent him a text:

  I will miss you and i love you   ---- MichaelaXOXOXOXOXOX

 Text from Harry:

 Love you miss you see you soon XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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