Part 2 Jesus Can

The second part of Jesus Can.


2. Do Not Fear

Do not fear
I am here
Never to leave
Or go away

Your heart is mine
My heart is yours
Two souls
Together we are

The thoughts in your mind
You whisper to me
Let me in on your secrets
Do not fear

Life is not fair
It is very hard
But when you let me in
You have no fear

Life can get you down
If you let it
Or you can turn it around
Do not fear

When you have doubts
Don't know what to do
Just put your Faith in me
Im your Shield

I will Protect you
calm your fears
Wipe your tears
Hold your hand

Give you the sun
Moon and stars
The glitter and shine
Maybe and wants

Everything for you
I will do
If you trust and obey
My word
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