Poetry from the heart.

For the poetry contest!! (: Real poems about my life and experiences and of course doubts.


4. Smokey Eyes.

Your smokey eyes drown me in mystery
Your mind intrigues me with expression
Your worlds melt my soul with honesty
Your fears help my understanding.

You lend kind words to make me feel good
You always leave me wanting more
I always wonder if your spirit could
Love someone that feels emotionally sore.

I crave you touch, your sent, your smile
And everyday wish that for a little while
You could realize that you are all I see
And that worry is not a side affect of being with me.

I wish for you every night 'once upon a dream'
I hear your name and look around as if its my own.
You bring my love to definite extremes
As you talk I search for a infatuated tone.

I can never tell if your mood changes because of me
But when a boy try's to approach you tell them to leave.
How am I supposed to know what that really means?
All I know is your always on my mind, no matter how creepy it seems.

Your my motivation
The cause of my hunger
I want to audition
For the role of lover.

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