Poetry from the heart.

For the poetry contest!! (: Real poems about my life and experiences and of course doubts.


2. Mirror.


You can't take it?

I piss you off because

of who I am?


I'm a pain in your

ass when we aren't

even friends?


You've never said

two kind words to me

my entire life.


People are supposed

to like you because

you hate me?


I've done nothing

wrong, so why is

everything a war?


You think its fun

to torment me because

of how I look.


What I weigh.

What I eat.

What I drink.


You think its

fun being

this insecure?


I look in the

mirror in

discust at

myself because

you call me



puke worthy.


I am beautiful.

Ugly is beautiful.

Fat is beautiful.

Everthing is beautiful.


Except your personality.




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